"We are your Bridge to a Better Future"


BRIDGE MARINE CORPORATION works in conjunction and cooperation with these accredited organizations, allowing for professionalization, standardization, protection and constant improvement of the maritime industry in the Philippines.

BRIDGE MARINE CORPORATION is certified ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Company Policy and Mission


By thinking ahead, we protect valuable assets and share our customer peace of mind.

BRIDGE MARINE CORPORATION has focused on ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, the prevention of pollution of the marine environment and accomplishing safe operation such as 

“Zero Accident” & “Zero Spill”.


To achieve this mission, we will SAFE:



To  achieve  the  objectives  of  the  company  the  company  has  established  and  published 

following policies and duly signed by the president annually. 



These policies are implemented by procedures contained in our EQSMS. 

Apart  from  being  contained  in  this  Manual,  the  Policies  are  also  posted  in  prominent positions on board each vessel and at the company's office located in Manila, Philippines. 

All personnel ship and shore alike are expected to be familiar with their general contents. 


The company undertakes to implement, understood and maintain the policies at all levels within the organization, both ship and shore based. 


The  company  is  demonstrated  by  the  appointment  of  a  Designated  Person  (DP)  whose principal functions are the implementation and maintenance of the EQSMS, the application of quality standards and the day to day monitoring of safety and environmental protection within the company. 


The president, assisted by the DP, shall carry out the reviews the Policies annually. 

Although the ultimate responsibility for implementation and maintenance of the EQSMS lies with the president, the day to day operation of the EQSMS on board the ship is delegated to the master.